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AMOK Expo: PIKAIA Antwerp Belgium
In the fall of 2013 ASL created a large scale video projection/installation derived from the findings
on the Research Blog specifically referencing ASL's research working into teenage subcultures and acts of disobedience.This projection was exhibited in the AMOK Expo which took place at PIKAIA in Antwerp Belgium October 18 - 20th.

"Searching for chaos! AMOK, taken from the Dutch dialect or slang could be translated as making trouble, to act wild.
Not in the severe sense as 'running amok' in English. It's more referent to the kind of troubles that are inherent of
everyday life. Experiencing this state of being can be traced back in quite a few outsider figures who suddenly had
the vision that, in order to not experience life as it comes, they should live life more abundantly. Doing what's out of the ordinary."

Acid Sweat Lodge AMOK installation